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Bendy Sketch
So I've recently gotten into Bendy and the Ink Machine, so I decided to draw the little devil, but as I see him.
This is just the sketch.
    It was a blue-skied morning at Saltspray Rig. Team Comet and Team Wave were ready for a classic tower control battle. I remember standing in a huddle with my teamates, Fushia, Aiden, and Tetra. We had strategized a plan to win. When we make it to the tower, Tetra and Aiden would scout the area around the tower. Fushia and I would stay next to the tower and guard it from Team Wave.

   The whistle sounded, and we were off. We painted and swam as fast as we could to the tower, and, buy about a minute, we beat team wave. In a short while, we could them heading towards us and the tower.

    "Tetra! Aiden! Get ready, here they come!" I yelled to my teamates below. The two did just that. By the time their team finally came, we had splatted all of them at least once. This time, however, they had a plan too. One of the teamates became a huge, blue Kraken amd splatted our first defense. The other three came in a formation, the leader being in the middle. Their leader looked up at me and smiled a vengeful smile. I knew exactly who he was.

    Tsunami Raibaru. He's envied my team and our constant victories  for as long as I can remember. I was about to call to Fushia to tell her to prepare herself when I heard a shout and a splat sound. She wasn't behind me anymore. As I saw her squid vanish, I turned around. Tsunami was right behind me. 'Dang, he's fast.' I thought to myself. He glared at me with a mischievous smile.

    "Hey, Ika! Long time no see, huh?"

    "What do you want, Tsunami!?" I growled.

    He chuckled softly. "Oh Ika, you silly inkling,..." his eyes narrowed as he looked me in the eye.

    "you know EXACTLY what I want."

    Then it was my turn. "Tsunami, I can't help that Team Comet wins all the time! We're just better trained, and have more practice!"

    "Well in that case, I guess times are gonna change," I saw a strange glisten in his eye as he slowly put his weapon down. "'cause I've got a victory with my name written ALL OVER IT!"

    Then he charged at me, knocking me over near the edge of the tower. My Splat Charger was knocked out of my hand as I fell. My team noticed I wasn't responding to any calls for assistance, so they came to see what was going on. When they came over, they tried to help, but to no avail, for the rest of Team Wave chased them off. Tsunami and I were in a one-on-one fight on top of the tower, but this wasn't normal for Turf Wars. This was fighting dirty. These kind of fights were prohibited in ANY kind of Turf War whatsoever. You could only use ink-based weapons. When I got the chance, I got up, tried to reach my Splat Charger, but failed to do so.

    "Oh, no you don't!" Tsunami yelled as he tackled me head-on. Unfortunatley, we were right on the edge of the tower. So, we tumbled straight down into the salty water below.

    Now before you say that inklings can't swim, I have to tell you something. We CAN indeed swim, it's just difficult to do while holding a weapon and having a heavy container of ink on your back. (If you've ever tried, you'll know what I mean.)

    The fight continued. We both took our turns of being sumerged under the waves and resurfacing, again, and again, and again. Tsunami noticed, during the intense brawl, that there was a beam, supporting a deck, that looked like it was cracked, loose metal hanging from it. He smiled. I saw what he was looking at, and for once, fear struck me. I knew what he was thinking.

    He was going to use it.

    I signaled for urgent help from my team with three, sharp, loud squid-barks*. Before I could continue, my voice was literally drowned out by the water.

    *(If you're wondering what that sounds like, and how I do it, then here's some information with an example:

    Inklings have the ability to make strange bark-like noises. They will do this to either get someones attention, or as a call for help, depending on the rate, pattern and pitch of the bark. They can also bark if happy. For example, in the Turf War victory song, you can hear the happier barking.… )

    "Come on, Ika, you should know by now that calling for your team won't save you." Then, he took the metal shard in his hand and held me down against the hard rocks. I saw the metal come down in a swift movement.

    That was the last thing I ever saw with my right eye.

    It hurt. Badly. I shrieked in pain as I felt a warm fluid run dowm my cheek. I then kicked Tsunami in the stomach. He lost his balance and tumbled over into the water. I thought it was over. I put my hand over my eye. It still hurt pretty badly, and the saltwater wasn't helping.

    Then to my surprise, Tsunami resurfaced, breathing heavily when he came up. This made me jump. He looked at me with eyes burning with rage.

    "THAT'S IT!!!" He screamed. He threw me into the water and dove in, metal still in his hand.

    I struggled to get free of both him and the water, but I couldn't surface. He then took my left tentacle, getting a firm hold so that it woudln't come free. He then raised the metal and yelled, and, in three blows, he cut my tentacle clean off.

    I screeched in agony, and when I say screeched, I mean you could almost hear it clearly underwater. The water was bloodink-stained as Tsunami swam away and, supposedly, clambered onto shore. It was at that moment that I blacked out and everything faded into darkness.


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